Coupe Series

Mechalite ME-E4 Coupe Series
Price: $125 
Mechalite ME-S6 Coupe Series
Price: $120 

Our SlideCars™ series lineup features transforming vehicles with three modes of operation for every model:

Vehicle Mode

  - maximum speed and advanced handling while driving in style. All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering standard on all models, giving the most maneuverability and traction.

Intermediate Mode

  - from vehicle mode, powerful robot arms reveal themselves, fully articulated for a full range of complex tasks, while driving or stationary.

Robot Mode

  - giant humanoid biped; the mounted rider has paramount control for getting out of unforseen trouble. Powerful and versatile hands allow for heavy lifting and tool use.

For custom options and styling, please contact Mechalite® directly with your request.

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